Lisa's Blog: Check the 2nd Drawer Down

Lisa’s Blog: Check the 2nd Drawer Down

‘Every home has one. In our case it is always the second drawer down, and like my blog, it is full of small things, unexpected memories, useful items and life’s scatter . It’s where we all stash the bits and pieces that have no home but we want to keep anyway. It’s where we fossick for useful things such as a pair of scissors, a bit of string, and some sticky tape to be crafty, or a screw driver to fix a problem. And most often find them.

Question, ‘Have we got any stick on stars?’ Answer, ‘Check the second drawer down.’ Oh the feeling when we finally find the treasures we seek!

We have filled our new life in Tassie on a small holding in the Derwent Valley with lots of homegrown goodness, good intentions, family, new friends and animals. We’ve started a new second drawer down. Funny thing though, it’s been seeded by remnants of the last one. That’s how it’s done. Just like our new life is seeded by what we’ve done before. So we are building, growing, making, reading and learning as we go and these are the things I share with you in my posts. Check the second drawer down, you will find the bits and pieces of our life, along with lots of other unexpected finds. Join me in the joyful rummage.

Talk soon, Lisa

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