I haven’t posted a nice longish chat in while, but you already know that. The reason is FOCUS, or rather my lack of focus on writing. I’m not a natural writer and it is really easy for me to do other stuff and give the limited head space I have to things other than writing.

I am easily distracted by shiny new challenges and directions which is good because it keeps life interesting and exciting, but not good when things drop off the back end of the little red wagon which is my life. Although when the sun is shining I really think it is healthy to get outside and do stuff. It refreshes my mind and body and gives me things to write about! Now that I don’t have to answer to an employer, I don’t have to stay in front of my computer on a beautiful day. So I don’t.

The food garden

Better to be in the garden with Poppy on a beautiful day than inside (but still with Poppy).

I know some people put their writing first and everything else fits in around it because writing is central to their being. With me it is peripheral and I need to put A LOT of time and thinking and effort into the process. I need lots of time to myself to tap away and think and edit and then repeat and repeat again.
Here at Stanton right now we have a twice daily reminder of what REAL focus looks like in one of our Peking ducks who has gone clucky and is sitting under a hedge on a clutch of eggs. Boy is she focused on hatching those eggs. Nothing else matters. We feed the ducks and chooks in the morning and late afternoon and she appears out from her hedge both times and comes at a run. Have you ever seen a Peking duck run? Hilarious! She is a thing possessed as she does everything at twice the speed she normally would. Eat, eat, eat, drink, drink, drink, wash, wash, wash, preen, preen, preen, run, run run and back on the nest. She fits in a day’s worth of activity into 5 minutes and in a bad temper, yelling at anyone or anything that gets in her way. Man, she is cranky. If you have ever done a grocery shop with toddlers and remember doing a ‘smash and grab’, it’s a bit like that.


clucky duck

Clucky duck doing her cranky thang

We have had so many chook and duck eggs we are virtually over come with egg excess. I have sold a few dozen to people and businesses in our little area and that helps to offset the cost of the pellets we feed them morning and night.Waterfalls Cafe at Mt Field, Patchwork Cafe and Stefano Lubiana Osteria have all bought multiple dozens.


Eggs and edible posie delivery

Eggs and edible posie delivery

Edible posie

Edible posie

The food garden is booming and I am putting in lots of things. Not everything is in the one patch. We have globe artichokes, rhubarb (lots), peas, broad beans, green beans, a row of blue berry bushes, 4 black current bushes, thyme, sorrel, perpetual spinach, strawberries, pumpkins, squash, capsicum, chard, garlic, coriander, parsley, mint (lots). Here is a little map of the food garden where most things are. It measures about 12 metres x 8 metres.

Food Garden Map

Welcome to our lovely muddle. Beware of marauding cow, sheep and chickens. Everything wants to eat the garden! Poppy of course likes to eat the peas only because she has seen me eat them.












Poppy in the garden

Poppy in the garden that Girlie decimated. Poppy is lying amoungst the Snow Drops on the cool ground in a bit of shade on a hot sunny day.

Learning pottery is also taking up a bit of my time. I am finding it is a quite like gardening in that there is soooo much to learn! The well is pretty much bottomless and I am just at the top looking down in wonder. It is a really nice primitive sort of process where you take a bit of clay and ultimately make something someone can use and (hopefully) looks and feels good too. I thought it would be nice to be able to make plates and bowls and cups and other bits and pieces that we use here for our guests. We’ll see how it goes. I am just enjoying the process without any expectations or pressure and that is pretty nice.

I'm going to pottery classes and learning make things from clay

One of my wheel thrown pots which I just fettled!

Here is where I am at with my spring/summer crochet project. From Pip Lincoln’s pattern found on her website Meet Me at Mike’s and her book Craft for the Soul.

summer crochet 3
Summer is coming and this year we would like to use our apples to make our own cider. It looks like one of our neighbours will make a press which we will share and we will make a scratter which he will share. A scratter is the machine or device which smashes up the apples so they can go into the press which squeezes all the juice out. Sounds like a new adventure and focus taker.