Hello Friends, I wish you were here to share in all that is happening! New growth, flowers, bees and babies are everywhere. The grass is so green right now because of the rain we had over winter and now we have sunshine to spare! Gorgeous weather, in fact it is pretty close to heaven. Here is what happened this week…

A handful of plum blossoms.

A handful of plum blossoms. Soon when the wind blows the white petals will loosen and we will have a spring snow storm.

Poppy trapped in the food garden

Poppy trapped in the food garden today. She really quite likes it in there. so many things to investigate and lots of pea shoots to eat.


finished 2nd blanket

I just finished my second crochet blanket (the cheap & cheerful one).


little lamb

The big paddock has about 12 new lambs on it now! It is so heart warming to hear them bar-ing and to look out the window and see them frollicking around their mums. This little one was born last night.

Nectarine blossoms

Aren’t the nectarine blossoms gorgeous? I want to cut them and bring them inside but that means less nectarines! I am very greedy. See the bumble bee on these?The yellow¬† blossoms in the intro picture are some Asian greens in the food garden. Did you see the honey bee on it? I am sure it’s one of ours – so proud!




The garlic in the food garden is growing well.